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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How long does it take for me to get my sign after it is ordered?
    In most cases, a sign will take 4 to 5 weeks for manufacturing and assembly. Depending upon your location, another 4 to 7 days for shipping.


  1. How are the signs made?
    All cabinets are aluminum, UL approved, and are formed faces to help prevent face blow out.  Signs are made in a three step process that heat bonds the exact NAPA colors to the reverse side. All panels are made out of polycarbonate. By not using inexpensive acrylic and vinyl, the sign face will look like new for many years, with no peeling and minimal fading.


  1. Who do I get to paint my store?
    Contact a local painting contractor for an estimate to paint your building.  The proposal that you receive back will have the suggested graphic standards for how your building should be painted. Along with the suggested paint standards, the resource center can furnish you the Sherwin Williams paint SKU's and the actual mixing formula to perfectly match the NAPA colors.


  1. If have a local code or permit issue, how can I get help?
    The PROimage Resource Center can help coordinate with a local contractor to assist in getting a technical survey which will also include a code search of what the local codes/restrictions are for that location.  Upon completion of that survey, the PROimage team can then recommend the best option for signage.


Free Look

  1. How do I submit a proposal?
    Submissions are done using the simple stepped process by clicking on the "Free Look" tab within the PROimage site.  Before you begin please remember the following:
    • Take pictures at a reasonable distance.
    • Submit only pictures under 1 Mb but at least 250 Kb.  Small pictures do not present well.
    • Consider weather and daylight conditions when taking pictures.
    • Consider the angles of the building to allow the greatest exposure for rendering signs and elements. At minimum get a straight on front view picture.
  1. How long does it take to get a proposal?
    Within 10 business days from submission you will receive an email with a URL link to the completed proposal.
  1. How do I make edits to the proposal?
    After review of your proposal, if an edit is needed, contact the resource center at 855-888-6272. They will discuss your questions and options for the best way to edit your proposal.



  1. I like my proposal, how do I place an order?
    Need to get more info from HQ as to how they want to address this question.


  1. Can I get financing for my purchase?
    Yes. An application can be downloaded from the PROimage site, completed and faxed to Commodore Financial for processing. If you have questions as to the process or current rates, please contact Commodore direct at 800-487-3636.


  1. How long does it take to get an application approved?
    Most applications are processed the same day. Commodore will contact you directly upon completion. If you have questions, please contact Commodore direct at 800-487-3636